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TSJ Drivers Series

TSJ Drivers Series

The Driver’s Series scours the world to find and explore compelling driving experiences for the driving enthusiast with a passion for speed. We send our resident driver Jeff Francis to get behind the wheel and report back to Speed Journal readers to ride along virtually or become inspired to take on the driving experiences themselves.

Are you involved with a driving experience that should be featured on The Speed Journal? Do you have a driving experience suggestion for The Speed Journal to investigate? Please contact us.

Exclusive Features

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The automotive scene in Southern California doesn’t slow down, even during the months where the majority of this country experiences what so …

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Driver’s Series

There is no shortage of things to do whilst visiting Las Vegas, cheap thrills and “experience” opportunities populate every corner of the de …

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Xtreme Xperience has an interesting business model: exchange a few dollars for a couple of laps behind the wheel of today’s latest supercars …

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Sometimes, the only cure for the winter doldrums is getting back behind the wheel of a race car. With 2017 fast approaching, nothing sounded …

Elan DP01 Mazda Prototype
Racer’s Series

$240,000,000. Say it out loud: Two hundred and forty MILLION dollars. That’s more than the GDP of some small nations. What significance does …