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TSJ Drivers Series

TSJ Drivers Series

The Driver’s Series scours the world to find and explore compelling driving experiences for the driving enthusiast with a passion for speed. We send our resident driver Jeff Francis to get behind the wheel and report back to Speed Journal readers to ride along virtually or become inspired to take on the driving experiences themselves.

Are you involved with a driving experience that should be featured on The Speed Journal? Do you have a driving experience suggestion for The Speed Journal to investigate? Please contact us.

Exclusive Features

Porsche PECLM Le Mans Prologue 2019
Driver’s Series

While hurtling down the Mulsanne Straight at Le Mans in a road-going Porsche 992, the greatest challenge is not outright speed. The challeng …

Hypercar Invitational at Weathertech Raceway Laguna Seca
Driver’s Series

Imagine mixing the rarest high-performance cars in the world with pre-production prototypes breaking cover, a sprinkling of vintage race car …

Corey Kruseman’s Sprint Car and Midget Driving School
Driver’s Series

Ernest Hemingway must have been a dirt track fan. He is famously reported to have said that there were only three sports: bull fighting, mot …

Lotus Driving Academy
Driver’s Series

Open-wheel motorsport changed radically in the 1960s as large front-engine beasts gave way to lightweight racers with engines mounted behind …

Porsche Experience Center Le Mans
Driver’s Series

An amusement park is all about the experience. Regardless of age, the rides and the music and the food and the games and the peals of laught …

Velovity Invitational Datsun 240 Z
Racer’s Series

Twenty-eight cars comprising race Group 7 gathered together beneath one of several giant white tents erected in the Laguna Seca Raceway padd …

Ron Fellows C8 Corvette Driving Experience Spring Mountain
Driver’s Series

For guests, a journey to the Ron Fellows Performance Driving School can be measured in distance. Located at the Spring Mountain Motor Resort …

AMG Drifting Academy
Driver’s Series

Drifting is a simple matter of physics. Friction is the magic ingredient to make a car accelerate, brake and hold the road during cornering. …

Radical Rapture Review Donington Park
Driver’s Series

Most sportscar manufacturers tout a close connection between their road cars and the race track. Radical Sportscars obliterates any distinct …

Ginetta at Donington Park
Driver’s Series

A warm summer evening in the British countryside might sound like a lovely opportunity for an outdoor concert. The team at Ginetta agree, op …

Porsche 911GT2RS GT Drive Paul Ricard Circuit
Driver’s Series

Why does Porsche offer so many variants of the venerable 911? One good reason is to permit the Porsche engineers to make barely road-legal t …

The Ford GT40 was a key protagonist in the Ford-Ferrari wars of the 1960s.  Winning four times consecutively at the 24 Hours of Le Mans from …