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By: The Speed Journal

Welcome to “Sounding Off With TheSpeedJournal”, where you can ask a question, make a comment or just “Sound Off” about whatever automotive topic you like. We don’t claim to be experts, however like most car guys, we enjoy sharing our opinion. We’d like to hear from you, so make your voice heard.
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Q. My girlfriend and I are planning a trip to Europe and I want to experience a cool race track, I’m thinking Nurburgring. Your thoughts about that track and any pointers?

Michael L.

Jeff. Nurburgring is a great choice, and could easily be anyone’s first pick.

Pointers: You can go at Nurbringing on your own if the budget is tight, however I recommend contacting our friends at RSR Nurburgring and they’ll discuss options with you for one of their cars, how much time you want on track… They make the process simple, and trust me, you’ll want to focus on your driving experience and not the other details. The track and traffic are very intense, so don’t feel like you have to use all your laps in one session. Taking a breather and giving your mind a break is a good thing. Having one of the RSR coaches ride with you is a huge help and an added safety feature. They know the course and will help you get the most out of your experience, plus help watch for crazy fast cars coming from behind. Remember 80% of the track is blind, that’s not only in front of you but behind you as well, fast cars appear out of nowhere. Good luck, be safe, and have one for me at the Hofbrau AFTER your track experience!

RSR Nürburgring

Q. I’m interested in a 60’s muscle car and trying decide between a big block and a small block car. Can I get some feedback?

Bob R.

Jeff. Nice to see interest in the 60’s muscle cars, even though the market might be challenged with an aging audience, this is still a great way to enjoy the car hobby. You probably already know the comparisons, but in case you don’t, we’ll throw a few out there. Big blocks are generally more expensive to purchase and repair, will generally run hotter, usually won’t handle as nice on a windy road, are definitely more crowded to work on in the engine bay, may take a little longer to slow down when using the binders, but are a blast when mashing the pedal from stop light to stop light. Oh yeah, bragging rights usually go with the big block. I’ve had both and personally am satisfied with a small block. Hope that helps and let us know what you decide on.

Q. Do you have a write up on The Tail of the Dragon? I hear it’s an awesome drive.

Ian F.

Jeff. Unfortunately we don’t as of yet, however it’s definitely on our “Driver’s Series” to do list. For those of you that don’t know what this is, here’s a quick description: 318 curves in 11 miles, in the area of the Tennessee & North Carolina state borders. World famous for motorcyclists and sports car enthusiast. These few words don’t do it justice, but hopefully you’ll see a detailed feature on The Speed Journal some day. Something to look forward to!

Porsche Racing Experience
Porsche Racing Experience

Q. The Porsche Racing Experience article really got my blood pumping. Thanks for sharing.

Bobby B.

Jeff: Yes Bobby, the write up was true to life, Porsche does an amazing job of providing “The Best” performance and racing experiences. In case you haven’t seen our “Driver’s Series” Exclusive, here’s our coverage of the Porsche Experience Center LeMans.

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