Lotus Driving Academy

Lotus Driving Academy

Racing Schools

For close to three decades the Hawley School has been the leader in racing instruction and entertainment.  From teaching today’s professionals to providing customers with the thrilling experience of speed and acceleration, Hawley’s programs deliver.

Whether you’re a fan who wants to experience the thrill of dirt track racing in a 2 seat Late Model, modified, 2 seat Sprint Car, or you’re getting ready to drive the Ride-Along is amazing.

Lucas Oil School of Racing is a Florida based company and our philosophy is to make people better drivers by achieving their goals. Whether the goal is to be a better, safer street driver or to win the Indianapolis 500.

Opened in December 2005, the facility is located 35 miles south of Downtown Houston. We are a membership facility for auto and racing enthusiasts, open 363 days a year. We have hosted teams from various professional series.

Get behind the wheel of a real race car in Pro Drive’s 1-day and 3-day Racing Schools. Experience the thrill of the race from the best seat in the house!  Learn proper racing techniques and the optimal racing line at Portland International Raceway while driving as fast as you want!

Have you watched cars travel down the drag strip at unbelievable speeds and thought “I would love to try that?”  Well here’s your opportunity!

Welcome to Texas’ premiere loose surface car control school. Let us teach you how to drive a rally car and become a left-foot braking, Scandinavian Flicking, sideways sliding pro in as little as a half day!

At Racing Adventures you will have a great time on the track from an extremely experience team. You will learn both the basic to the advanced skills of high performance driving and racing.

At Roy Hill’s Drag Racing School the training is intense and serious, but accommodates the speed and skill level of each individual student. We cater to students’ learning curves, one run at a time.

Drive a Dragster, compete in a Camaro side by side race competition, drive an exotic car, drive a dirt race car or drive an open wheel formula car!