In part 2 of the @Magnus Walker Garage Tour, the Urban Outlaw takes us through the final leg of his full collection of vehicles. In a Los Angeles garage formerly dubbed the “Water Cooled Room” due to its absence of Porsche 911s, the now renamed “Rotation Room”, is packed with Porsches, Jaguars, Lotus, and other cars with varying engine placements and cooling systems.

Stepping away from the Porsche 911, Magnus first shows us the front-engine, water-cooled V8, known as the 1978 Porsche 928 Series 1. Back in 1978 the series 1 928 ended up winning the European Car of the Year. Also, a rare find in his collection is his 1989 924 turbo equipped with a widebody Al Holbert dealer-installed racing kit. One of the vehicles with the most eccentric paint jobs is Magnus’ Porsche 914. He, in collaboration with Mobile 1, unveiled the 914 at SEMA with a rattle can paint job, and ended up stealing the show. Outside of the garage, Magnus shows his love not just for Porsche, but for all European cars as he displays his 1975 AMC Hornet, Lotus Esprit, and Jaguar E-types.