The Speed Journal’s BMW Museum Tour Part 1: BMW Auto Museum

The Speed Journal’s BMW Museum Tour Part 1: BMW Auto Museum

bmw museum

The BMW auto museum is a stylish and comprehensive look at the history of the company and the nine decades of success they have created. With a permanent exhibition and a temporary one, there is always a lot to see and visiting the museum can be an all-day event. In the permanent museum alone there are ten different sections devoted to different themes.

The “seven houses” show the diversity of BMW history. There is a house of design, a house of the company, a house of the motorcycle, a house of technology, a house of motor sport, a house of the brand and a house of the series. The other three permanent exhibitions are devoted to the BMW roadsters, BMW’s visions for the future of mobility and BMW’s collection of art cars. Waltzing through the history of the company gives visitors an appreciation for the huge span of time that BMW has been devoted to engineering and improving their vehicles. BMW’s slogan of building “the ultimate driving machine” is a combination of all the things embodied in the museum. All the technology developed, the evolution of existing platforms and the use of motorsport to fine tune engines and chassis feel.

From the amazing engineering located within the museum to stunning architecture of the buildings themselves, the BMW is a must-see destination for any petrolhead making an automotive pilgrimage through Germany.

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