Lotus Driving Academy

Lotus Driving Academy

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RSR Nurburgring Track Day
Driver’s Series Helmet

Since 1927, the Nurburgring in the Eifel Mountains of western Germany has attracted the imagination of fans, drivers, teams, and manufacturers. It has also demanded their respec…

Scarbo Performance SVF1

Modern Formula One often feels like a computer-generated exercise. Over fifty years of racing, a fairly simple combination of chassis, wheels, body, engine and gearbox has morph…

BMW Thermal Club Palm Springs
Driver’s Series Helmet

The BMW “M” performance brand was born in 1972, when BMW expanded its motorsport program and launched an effort to raise its global profile. Once BMW racing gave birth to th…

McLaren GT4 Laguna Seca Trackday
Driver’s Series Helmet

An automobile can be about more than merely getting from here to there. It could be the journey, the pace of acceleration and sensations in a corner, and the quirks of a partic…

Lexus Performance Driving School at Laguna Seca
Driver’s Series Helmet

In 1983, Toyota secretly undertook a project to build the world’s best car. The project resulted in the 1989 launch of Lexus, a premium brand with its own identity. On August …

Mercedes Benz Museum

Over eight million people have visited the Mercedes Benz Museum in Stuttgart since it opened in 2006. Recently, Speed Journal principal Jeff Francis visited and took his own wal…

Allen Berg Racing Schools
Driver’s Series Helmet

Known for its sweeping vistas and dramatic elevation changes, countless drivers have logged laps around the 2.2-mile, 11 turn natural terrain road course known as Laguna Seca Ra…


If you want to go racing, you don’t need an open wheeled purpose built single seater missile with wide tires and a big rear wing and a pit crew to keep it running. You don’t…

AMG Driving Academy
Driver’s Series Helmet

Sliding sideways in a Mercedes-AMG with hundreds of horsepower overcoming the prodigious grip provided by wide Continental tires would ordinarily be a cause for concern, but it …

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The Driver’s Series scours the world to find and explore compelling driving experiences for the driving enthusiast with a passion for speed. We send our resident driver Jeff Francis to get behind the wheel and report back to Speed Journal readers to ride along virtually or become inspired to take on the driving experiences themselves. Are you involved with a driving experience that should be featured on The Speed Journal? Do you have a driving experience suggestion for The Speed Journal to investigate? Please contact us.