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BMW Performance Center Thermal BMW M4 GT4 Experience
Driver’s Series Helmet

Palm Springs, California is a long way from Munich, Germany. The distance might be measured in miles but the path for one new arrival at BMW’s Performance Center in Thermal ca…

Porsches On Ice
Driver’s Series Helmet

A Porsche should not be a mere garage decoration nor a rare treat saved for a sunny day. Porsches are not intended to hibernate for the winter. They are meant to be driven – i…

LRS Formula One Track Day
Driver’s Series Helmet

A Formula One car is a compact violent physics laboratory on four wheels. Each vehicle overflows with space age technology, engineering design, and exotic materials with the sin…

Pure McLaren Donington Park
Driver’s Series Helmet

Pure – unmixed with any other matter, free from harshness or roughness and being in tune, free from what weakens or pollutes, containing nothing which does not properly belong…

Aston Martin AMR Drivers Club at Brands Hatch
Driver’s Series Helmet

What could be better than driving a twin-turbo eight-cylinder chariot produced by one of the oldest English marques around one of the most iconic and well-known English race tra…

Porsche PECLM Le Mans Prologue 2019
Driver’s Series Helmet

While hurtling down the Mulsanne Straight at Le Mans in a road-going Porsche 992, the greatest challenge is not outright speed. The challenge is completing the next corner. Afte…

Hypercar Invitational at Weathertech Raceway Laguna Seca
Driver’s Series Helmet

Imagine mixing the rarest high-performance cars in the world with pre-production prototypes breaking cover, a sprinkling of vintage race cars, and hand-built one-off machines bu…

Corey Kruseman’s Sprint Car and Midget Driving School
Driver’s Series Helmet

Ernest Hemingway must have been a dirt track fan. He is famously reported to have said that there were only three sports: bull fighting, motor racing, and mountaineering. The re…

2017 Rolex Motorsports Reunion

During the month of August, the Monterey peninsula is transformed into an automotive festival. Many events over many days ensure that there is more to see and do than time avail…

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The Driver’s Series scours the world to find and explore compelling driving experiences for the driving enthusiast with a passion for speed. We send our resident driver Jeff Francis to get behind the wheel and report back to Speed Journal readers to ride along virtually or become inspired to take on the driving experiences themselves. Are you involved with a driving experience that should be featured on The Speed Journal? Do you have a driving experience suggestion for The Speed Journal to investigate? Please contact us.